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The trivanti travels at 22 km/h. Our e-scooter has a freewheeling mode when travelling downhill and switches the motor off when you exceed the maximum speed. In this case, just release the thumb throttle. That protects the battery and the motor and extends your range.

You can find further information here

Yes it is. You can therefore drive completely legally in CH and the EU region. You can find further information here.

The battery is fully charged in 2 hours.

Information on battery disposal can be found here.

Brake force distribution is a mechanical safety solution that ensures that both brake discs engage at the same time. Somersaults are thus ruled out.

With the motor switched on:
NO. The same rules apply as with a bicycle. Please drive only on the road or marked cycle paths.
YES in the case of handicapped people who have a trivanti with the special software category IV No. 504000 and can thus only travel at 10 km/h.

With the motor switched off:
YES. Without motor assistance the trivanti is a normal scooter and comes under the category vehicle-like devices, which are also called toys. It may then be driven on the pavement and in pedestrian zones.

Yes, of course! The trivanti is set as standard to 22 km/h. You can restrict the speed to 10 or 6 km/h with a simple key combination. This is urgently recommended in areas where there are many pedestrians as it protects you and other people against unnecessary hazards.