Wintertime - time for service

Use the cold winter months for a service of your trivanti.

Make an appointment with your trivanti dealer or directly in one of our service centers in Muri AG or Neuhausen am Rheinfall today.


Our tip for battery storage & charging:

Generally, cold reduces the performance of the battery. In winter operation at temperatures below zero degrees, it is therefore advisable to use the battery charged at room temperature and stored only shortly before departure in the trivanti. If the scooter is not in use for a long time, the following should be noted:

  • Keep the battery separate from the trivanti. Reason: Low temperatures can damage batteries
    Charge the battery to approx. 75% of the charging capacity, remove it and store it in a dry place
    Optimum storage temperature at 5 to 10 degrees. Storage at temperatures up to 23 degrees possible, but the self-discharge is higher
    Check the state of charge once a month and recharge it to about 75 percent at capacity below 25 percent

Who drives his trivanti all winter, for the following is recommended:

  • Never charge the battery at temperatures below 5 degrees
  • After a long service, drive slowly outdoors. After a few minutes the battery core temperature is over 0 degrees and the battery can be charged normally
  • Protect batteries from the cold, eg. B. with bubble wrap

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Use the cold winter months for a service of your trivanti.

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